Tuesday, September 25, 2012

garden frog

garden frogs have become very popular in fairy gardens placed into fountains or just hiding in the garden plants.  Here is our little colorful garden frog friend.

this is an original acrylic painting (7" x 5" in size) just thought we would share this little friend with all of you.

your fairy garden world expert

Saturday, May 12, 2012

hummingbird nesting season

As tiny as this hummingbird is, she sits in her nest and waits for her little eggs to hatch.  Hanging from a flowering bouganville plant hiding under its wide leaves, the tiny mother awaits.

No more than a day or two and the tiny hatchlings are trained to fly and the nest is emptied. 


your garden fairy world specialist


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

accessorizing the fairy garden world

There are an assortment of items to add more glamore to your fairy garden world.  

The best way to transition the garden into an evening garden is to add a few hanging stars and critter chimes. 

Critters come in all shapes and sizes and birds and butterflies are most welcomed in our fairy garden world . . .

This butterfly is operated by solar and lights up in many colors when the sun goes down.  Its a great way to give your garden some evening glamor for a backyard party or just when you want to sit alone with your fairies in your fairy garden world . . .
A close up of the birds so you can see how incredible detailed they are painted.  The colors blend from one to the next and their tiny wings are painted like oak tree leaves . . .

 A fairy knomb is another fairy garden friend. Here he appears to be standing guard watching out for the fairies. 
A single fairy enjoys this tiny purple flowering plant . . . 
Another great accesory in the fairy garden world is a fairy garden bird bath . . .  in the morning, many birds visit this small bird bath fairy to drink and bathe to get their day started . . . 
Another great way to add depth to your fairy garden
is accessorizing with various hanging wire baskets with a blend of flowering and colorful plants . . .

Outdoor pictures can add a special touch in
your fairy garden to give your fairy garden world an indoor feel . . .
Just returned from visiting and displaying my artwork at an art show at The Dragonfly Marketplace.  A favorite spot to shop or just look around for ideas.  Some of the other vendors offered some interesting displays and items . . .

Hope you enjoy accessorizing your fairy garden world with new ideas and would love to hear from you or see some of your great adventures and items you found to share with all of our fairy garden world friends.  

your fairy garden world expert,


Sunday, March 25, 2012

garden fairy world friends

garden fairy world friends

Its almost spring... plants are beginning to grow faster and bloom no longer dorment from the winter chill.  Two fairies join in a patch of orange mint by their tiny fairy fountain.     

Its hatching season for our little fairy friend critters... tiny as they are when grown, these humming bird babies hide deep in their complexly built nest all night from various preditors.  When morning arrives, theses little creatures zestly pop their tiny heads out, spirited and wide-eyed, waiting for their mother to return with breakfast.

Not even as large as a fairy yet and even full grown, bearly the size of a fairy, these little creatures exume extreme personality and spirit, full of life into a new world.

Your garden fairy world expert,


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

terrariums for the indoor fairy garden


Great for indoor fairy gardens... you can add as much as you like...more fairies, more plants or a variety of plants...

Its a great way to brighten the indoors on a cold winter day or to bring a bit of the outside indoors anytime of the year....

terrariums come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your heart's desire...

this particular terrarium fairy garden contains both outdoor succulents to create the look of supernatural pine trees like imagined in the black forest with some cultivated indoor plants like a small palm tree for a backdrop plant and a single philodendron.

Some plants grow better than others in terrariums but you can experiment and learn.  The size of the plants used in terrariums makes it easy to learn by experience because the cost of most such sized plants are not expensive and can easily be replace often. 

Another idea for kids because kids love terrariums too is to create a mini terrarium like displayed in this Better Homes and Gardens article.  The article mentions to include a captivating plant because "kids love the creepy".  Perhaps "build one with a carnivorouse plant or two such as a Venus flytrap" and add "a tiny plastic action figure or monster."

Terrarium ideas are endless only limited by the extent of our imagination ....

your fairy garden expert,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

get started - fairy gardens - family-shared fairy gardens

M & M Nurseries photos

When we first began our garden fairy world adventures, we were inspired by
M & M Nurseries in Orange California.  

It was where we discovered a world of fairy gardens with all the great fairies and fairy garden supplies available to create and customize our very own fairy gardens.

more M & M Nurseries photos

M & M Nurseries' tiny fairy gardens 

One fairy garden at a time, our fairy gardens grew into our fairy garden world each garden characteristically different displaying a wide variety of fairies each uniquely enjoying their playing all as one but each in their own tiny environments.   

Friend's fairy garden tea party

As we kept expanding the fairy garden world, my friends began designing their own tiny  gardens.

Another friend's fairy garden

Another friend too started enjoying the fairy gardens display and one afternoon decided to create his very own fairy garden to add.  

Making his fairy garden, he added the following unique details.  How creative!!!

Another friend's fairy garden details - "fairies resembling his two daughters"

his fairy garden details - frog and turkey

This just demonstrates how fun and exciting fairy gardening is to share among friends and also families can share the passion of creating their very own fairy garden world. 

The choice of design and fairies available are endless and the passion for creating fairy gardens goes on and on....    

your fairy garden expert,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

secret gardens

Today in our secret garden the golden-yellow roses standing 9' in height are blooming beautifully.  Rarely needing any care, theses roses continue to flurish growing taller each year.  

Our secret garden originated in an area where my daughter's fisher price cottage playhouse used to be.  When she grew older and taller we sold the playhouse and the wooden platform remained.  

Deciding not to remove the wooden platform, we began the secret garden by adding two 82" garden trellis, a bistro table and chairs and an australian tree fern for the corner. 

Adding a sweet broom flowering shrub in the opposite corner today it shades the bistro set like a natural umbrella.

As we found more flowering plants and shrubs, including St. Patrick and Mister Lincoln hybrid tea roses, the garden expanded in length and glamor. 

Desiring more privacy and height to the wooden fence surrounding the secret garden, we brought home seven wooden arbors.  The side panels of the arbors were used horizontally to add the height to the existing fence but also allowing flowering vines to entange themselves through the panels. 

With the arches of the arbors, we created our own side panels using a variety of materials.  Placing one custom-designed arbor as a gateway, we planted bouganvilla in the gaps between the fence and the entry arbor and the arbor and the side of the house creating a hidden-arch entry to the secret garden.   

The next arbor we place perpendicular to the entry mounted against the fence that now houses a victorian cast iron bench and three itallian trivets on the fence just above the bench. 

Hanging from the arbor is a hand-blown golden glass lantern and this arbor too is now covered with a flowering vine.  

One day while visiting Pier One Imports, we located the perfect secret garden gate. 

Initially structure for a wall hanging, we transformed it with tiny hinges and decorated panels into the secret garden gate. 

To make a garden into a secret garden, we needed a secret garden lock and skeleton key which we found in an antique hardware store in Old Town Orange, California.  

We hung the lock by an antique chain onto the gate and placed the key on an old victorian drawer pull hidden under the flowering vines.

As our friends enjoyed sharing our secret garden, many of them brought gifts to add including a miniture bird bath with a clay bird.  Placing the bird bath in the center front portion of the secret garden, we surrounded it with paver stones in a diamond pattern.  

One day searching for a secret garden fountain we found a lion wall-mounted fountain where the water trickles from the top tier down to a lower tier sounding like a waterfall. 

Enjoying the garden at night, we added solar antique style lanterns and found some white pointsetta lights that we hung around the garden entrance.  To the wooden fence, we added additional flowers in hanging baskets.  

As the garden continued beyond the entrance, we added vine covered metal fairy-like arches and additional lights which you must pass under to get to the entrance of the secret garden. 

The joy of a secret garden is endless, but as time passes and flowers come and go, each day new plants are added and/or replace others.  The secret garden is ever evolving but maintaining the secret garden is rewarding to your mind and spirit just knowing that this little special place is your retreat to destress at the end of a day, relax and admire what with a little inspiration and imagination can be created. 

your secret garden expert,